About Amy Garrison


Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, I've lived here pretty much all my life, except for a couple years when I lived in Akron, Ohio. I've pretty much given all my adoption history, so I don't feel the need in repeating any of it, but feel free to ask questions. I graduated from North Central High School in 1989, Indiana Business College (with a Diploma in Information Processing) in 1990, and married my first husband in 1991. Andrew was born later that year and Sarah was born almost four years later.

I was divorced from my first husband in 1996 and then married my second husband in 1997 (I don't wait long huh?). Custody of the kids went to my ex-husband's brother and his wfe, who already had one child. That was the easiest arrangement at the time because neither one of us could financially afford the children separately, so we thought it fitting to give custody to someone else in the family (wanted to keep them in the family, you know). They moved to Texas in late 1997 and have lived there ever since, up until recently when my daughter decided to move in with my husband and me. Andrew comes into town as often as possible and I talk to him on the phone as often as possible.

Andrew and Sarah

I've worked as a salesperson, as a front desk clerk, as a state employee, a Clinical Encoder for Eli Lilly, and now as a Project Assistant for Eli Lilly. My hobbies though are even much more different. I like reading, writing, walking, bike riding, gardening and ghost hunting, among other things. Yeah, you read correctly, ghost hunting. I get a lot of people who scoff at the idea of it, but it's a lot of fun, I've taken lots of interesting photographs and recorded lots of weird, unexplained voices. I'm happy to say that my current husband, whom I married in 2004, shares the ghost hunting hobby with me and we always have fun on investigations.

About my husband, Chris, I consider him one of my miracles in life. My marriage to him is the definition of third time's a charm, that's for sure. We met while I was still married to my second husband, he was dating a friend of mine in a club that I was a member of at the time. Chris is kind, caring, friendly, honest, sometimes shy, passionate, smart, and especially cute. I feel very lucky to have him, he's given me everything I've ever needed/wanted in life and then some. I couldn't ask for a better husband.


We didn't start dating until about year and a half later, which was about a year after I left my second husband and a week before the divorce was final. I moved into a place of my own the day after the divorce was final and Chris and I had already been dating a week by then. About a year later, he proposed to me in an area he called a fairy circle (it's a circle of rocks) in Holliday Park, I accepted and we were married a little over a year later. I finally got the ceremony I always wanted but never got with my first two marriages. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon and were gone for about a week or so. We have our arguments/disagreements, just like any couple would, but we've always found a way to resolve them no matter how stubborn one of us is (or both...lol). I've never been happier and I know we really can make this marriage work.

We live with three cats now, Tori (age 7 years), Mia (age 6 years), and Jack (age 2 years, almost 3), and Sarah. We lost our beloved Emily (age 8 years at death) due to a possible congenital heart failure on labor day weekend 2003, a year later was when we got Mia. While we know Emily can never be replaced, Mia has filled a small void in our lives. Emily will never be forgotten and we miss her with each passing day. We've both made sure to make a donation to the Humane Society after her death since that's where she was found. I've loved cats ever since reconnecting with Chris because Emily showed me how loving a cat can be and how much of a difference one cat can make in someone's life.

Sadly, we recently lost another cat, our beloved Katie, who was 16 years old at the time of her death. Her health was getting bad with her old age and it just wasn't good to see her suffering, so we made the difficult decision to put her to sleep on January 15, 2009.