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Andrew was diagnosed with Autism not long after he was diagnosed with ADHD, as a result, I wanted to include links for this important topic as well. If you have a related website and would like for me to link to it, please email the URL to me and I will check it out. If I like your site, I will gladly add it to my list of links and give you proper credit on my site.

Autism Links

Autism Examiner
A page with articles by Brian Field about Autism.

The Autism Depot
A website for parents of autistic children.

Autism Society of America
Serving the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy, education, public awareness, and research since 1965.

Autism Today
A website with recent news, articles, and books on autism.

Autism Treatment Info
Treatment Tips for Children with Autism, PDD & Asperger's Syndrome. Parents share their experience running In-Home treatment programs for their children with Autism. *Contributed by J.Reirdon*

Autism Research Institute
A non-profit organization devoted to conducting research on the causes/prevention of Autism.

A website with Autism news, events, discussions, and more!

Center for the Study of Autism
The Center provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions.

Cure Autism Now
Your Autism Information Portal on the Web.

Exploring Autism
A look at the genetics of Autism.

Families for Early Autism Treatment-A non-profit organization

Future Horizons
World leader in Autism/Asperger's PDD publications

Generation Rescue
Empowering parents with the truth to help their children heal.

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